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Breitlings Monday Comments 1/30/2012

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Here are the steps I took.

1. I decided I had the $$ available,  $150. minimum USD, and enough for the minimum IQD deposit plus opening fees. See the Warka Bank website for this information.
2. Got instructions for opening Warka account.
At the time I opened my account they required an emailed request to establish a USD and an IQD account, accompanied by the following attached documentation:
 color copy of valid passport
color copy of valid Driver's License or state issued ID
complete contact information-
       Phone number
       E-mail address
And 3 examples of your signature
all these documents had to be notarized and then certified by the AACC.
Next, send your notarized paperwork off to :
AACC Chamber of Commerce
US Legalization
Attn: Arab Chamber Certification
1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis, MD 21409
with $150.  (their fee at the time, call 410-249-4900 for current fees)( I sent a money order. )
These instructions have changed since I did this.
3. I went to the post office with my birth certificate, driver's license and a utility bill with my name and address on it, applied for my passport, paid the fee(around $150) and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive. The post office said 4-6 weeks, so 3 weeks was great for me.
(While I waited, I got our NV LLC up and running.)
4. When I had all my documents together, I sent Warka the following E-mail,   to    
"I authorize Warka Bank to open a USD and IQD savings accounts, funding will be provided immediately upon receipt of my new account information. Attached are the required copies of  certified documentation

5. In 2 days I received an email with my account numbers, that afternoon I wired $2500. to Warka via the instructions that were included in the e-mail I received with my new account information from Warka. One thing their instructions did not have that my bank required was the swift code for Warka, it is WAIVIQBA.

6. 4 days later, I received notice from warka that my wire had been deposited to my USD account(minus the wire fee) i then sent a request, with a signed authorization attached, for my USD to be transferred into my IQD account, all but the minimum balance the USD account requires.  I sent this request multiple times, and finally sent it through and got results.
Be sure to attach a signed authorization with all your communications, and be prepared to repeat yourself. Be polite and patient. It took 8 weeks of repeated requests for Warka to finally transfer from my USD to my IQD, even after I wired more $$ to my USD account. Why? I do not know, but it is done, and I also now have my ISX number and my user ID and password for E-banking

You DON’T have to wire through that German bank to get money to Warka

I had listened to your show the other day, ( like I do Every day) and wanted to let you and others know that you DON’T have to wire through that German bank to get money to Warka….you can still wire via CITI and they will get the funds just fine….you can also WITE directly to your IQD account, you do not have to send it into your USD side first.. Wiring to the German bank your caller noted the other day to fund your Warka account will work, but the wire cost will be double from the states since you are wiring to an International bank, instead of CITI Bank.  Actuall you could wire funds to your Warka account via ANY affiliated bank on their website. CITI is still on that list , nothing has changed in that regard. In fact, Warka has never sent an email to any of their older account holders that I know of like myself instructing them to send funds via the German bank instead of CITI….they are sending that info out to new account s as of a few months ago.  My bank continues to send via CITI, I wire directly to the IQD side of my Warka account and it works just fine. When I asked my bank why they thought Warka made the change, they said it was probably done because it is cheaper for Warka fee wise , but CITI Bank works just fine like it always has and is cheaper….hope that helps.

Open a Warka Account, How-to, thanks David !!!!!!

Just send them an email to this address: as follows:

 I would like to open a USD and IQD account with Warka Investment Bank. I am attaching a copy of my ID and the required Authorization Letter.
Thank you,
(your name)
Attach the following items to your email: 
A copy either of the following:(drivers license, passport, Government ID)
The authorization form (attached to this email)
They will get back to you with the details of where to send your money by bank wire. (this can change)
They require $150.00 dollars in the US dollar account, and 300,000 dinar in the dinar account.  If you send $430.00 US this should cover it.
Warka will get back to you on every level (including account numbers ) until your account is opened.
Just have a little patience and it will all get done. They are very efficient.
Regards, David Taylor.

Open a WARKA Account STEP BY STEP, thanks J

Thanks again Breitling,

Here's a little something back.  I opened my Warka account very easily and passed this on to another person who also opened an account in a matter of 2 or 3 days.

Step 1
Scan your Passport and save as a PDF.

Step 2
Type up an authorisation for Warka to open accounts in your name. 
Print it and SIGN it.
Then scan it and save as a PDF

Here is what mine said:
Authorisation to Open Warka Bank Accounts
This document is authorisation to open Warka Bank Accounts in the name of
Mr Tom Jones.
Date of Birth:  10/01/1964
Signed:                                                                                    Date:           

Step 3
Write an email to these two email addresses: <>;
and <>;

Here is what mine said:
Dear Sirs,

I would appreciate your assistance in opening personal Warka IQD and USD saving accounts.

I have provided the following attachments:
My passport and a
Signed authorisation to establish and open Warka Bank accounts in my name.

My Contact details are:
Tim Fxxxxx

000 876 999

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Fxxxxx.

Step 4
Now attach the pdf of your passport
AND the SIGNED pdf of your authorisation for the bank to open your accounts.
Within a few days you should be notified of your account numbers and details of how to send money via Commerzbank to your accounts.
This is where I started having problems.
You must be EXTRA careful that your bank sends the money correctly.
Take the time to be sure ALL the information you can include is there.
My wife's bank sent money to the wrong account within Comerzbank, and they could not forward it.
This takes weeks to fix.  So be very pedantic that they are doing the right thing.
Ask for a trace to be put on the transaction if it all goes quiet.
Remember Iraq is not open for banking on Fridays or Saturdays.
Hope this helps!