Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Forget The ISXReport is On Sale, Jan 30th - Feb 3rd

Here is what you get

 You will receive 11 separate packages of ISX investing information in one “package” that has been assembled for your education and convenience.

  • Complete Introduction to the ISX
  • Forming a Personal Trading Account Application
  • ISX Trading Instructions
  • ISX Company Listing by Sector
  • ISX Stock Broker List and Contact Information
  • Instructions to get a U.S. Passport necessary to trade on the ISX
Additional Specialty Items Included in TheISXReport:
  • Complete Listing of Private and Public Iraq Banks
  • ISX Securities Laws
  • Iraq Banking Laws
  • Iraq Company Laws
  • ISX Regulatory Structure Information
  • *****All for a one-time fee*****
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