Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breitling Event Tampa, FL ( Saturday October 3 2015)


                         A Breitling Event coming to your area soon, please see schedule below

                                      Tampa, FL ( Saturday October 3 2015)

                                         Embassy Suites Tampa - Airport/Westshore
                                                   555 N Westshore Blvd
                                                     Tampa, FL 33609

                                             Phone number (813) 875-1555


HOW TO Register:  Please send full name (That is on your ID) and Email address, at

10:00 -10:30: Welcome, Introductions, Understanding Investing.

 10:30 to 11:30:
           * All about Investing in Iraq
           * Introduction to how the markets work and winning
           * Discussion on Stocks
           * Examples of Successful and Proven Strategies
           * How to be successful TODAY

11:30 to 12:15 PM
            *How to put your results on steroids
            *How to make the markets work for you
            *Understand … it is NEVER too late to take action
12:30 to 1:00
            *Get your own customized trading strategy

17787 N Perimeter Dr
Scottsdale Arizona 85255

Please any Questions: send to I will get to your questions as soon as possible by personal e-mail, blog post or audio "If you Knew you could not fail, what would you try today?" Philippians 4:13