Monday, April 25, 2011

Parliament discusses Bill Tuesday that US troops withdraw from the country

Sumerian news/Baghdad
Parliamentary sources said Sunday, the Iraqi Council of representatives during its 57th will discuss on Tuesday the first reading of the draft law on withdrawal of foreign forces in the security agreement signed between the Government of Iraq and the United States and the salaries of Deputies and the President and the first reading of a number of other laws.

The source said in an interview the cuneiform for "news", "the deputies will discuss at its 57th to be held at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday, the draft law on withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq under the security agreement signed between the Government of Iraq and the United States", stating that "the meeting will be also the first reading of the proposed law on salaries of Deputies and the President of the Republic".

The source said on condition of anonymity, said the meeting also will see, the first reading of Amnesty Law No. (19) for the year 2008 and the first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, and reading the report of the investigative Committee on Mosul, report claims General veterinary contractors company, "adding that" the meeting will discuss the subject of non-degree career launch UNHCR staff.

Rose led by the Iraqi Council of representatives, in Al 18 of April, the 56th session to Tuesday, paring its experienced host chef financial oversight, and finish first and second readings of six laws.

And Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a statement, on Friday, stressing the capacity of the Iraqi security forces to assume responsibility and maintain security and work with professional and national, vowing to continue to strengthen their capabilities and abilities in combat through processing with modern weapons and equipment.

He accused comrades led by Muqtada al-Sadr, the current 9, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a number of politicians to give the green light to extending survival of American forces in Iraq, adding that the evacuation of u.s. forces from Iraq that prompted their comrades to participate in the political process and resort to peaceful resistance.

Earlier, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged Russia stationed while inspecting troops in the northern city of Mosul base Maryse, current 8, Iraqi officials to expedite prompt us to extend the partition of their troops after the year 2011, saying time was implemented in Washington.

And Iraq and the United States signed, during 2008, the strategic framework agreement to support Iraqi ministries and agencies in the transition from strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, based on the strategic framework and reduce the number of provincial reconstruction teams, as well as providing a sustainable rule of law, including the police development programme and the coordination and supervision of Iraq report Relief and reconstruction.

Under the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington at the end of the year 2008 should withdraw all US forces from all the lands, waters and airspace of Iraq not later than 31 December next year 2011, the u.s. fighter forces withdrew under the Convention of towns, villages and townships of Iraq on June 30, 2009.

Iraq uses Monetary Fund debts, to close the file commercial Debts

BAGHDAD - Al-Hayat reported today that the Chancellor in the Iraqi Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said yesterday that Iraq will use the International Monetary Fund to close the file commercial debts, after the end of the international trusteeship over the assets Iraqi government on June 30 (June) next, pointing to the that Iraq will be submitted to the Security Council a detailed report in May (May) next, presents the most important measures to be applied to protect the funds.

He explained that the committee set up by Iraq will set a legal study to develop a mechanism for coordination with the IMF to prevent any violation of such funds, according to the Paris Club agreement, which is an informal group of financiers from 19 countries, most notably the United States, Britain, Australia, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. وأشار إلى أن العراق سيستمر في تسديد الديون للشركات التجارية ورجال الأعمال وفقاً للإجراءات الدولية المتعارف عليها. He pointed out that Iraq will continue to pay off the debts of businesses and businessmen, according to the procedures of international standards.

The paper reported that the Central Bank of Iraq said on the sixth of March (March) last Baghdad that followed the high-level policies in the payment of debt economic implications, did not face legal problems.
. It was announced on February 23 (February) that Iraq had paid debts to three thousand and 500 commercial creditor, with a total value amounted to $ 2.7 billion, as a means to protect its assets from external manipulation of the trading companies.

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance reported on January 7 (January) the past that the work of the Committee to Protect Iraqi funds abroad will be secret, to avoid the fictitious companies which claim that Iraq owes them money.

. It was announced that a government committee took over the development of technical mechanisms to protect Iraqi funds in foreign banks, after the UN Security Council resolution mid-November (November) last show of protection for Iraqi funds from the end of next June.

The Security Council voted unanimously in mid-December (Dec) last three decisions, concerning the lifting of the embargo imposed on Iraq in the import of nuclear material for peaceful purposes, and the abolition of the program «Oil for Food», and the extension of immunity for the last phase of the compensation imposed under section the seventh through the end of next June.
. Were imposed on Iraq in 1990, sanctions from the international community, which included preventing the import of chemicals and nuclear technology that could be used in a secret nuclear programs, chemical and biological weapons.

And allowed the United Nations in 1995 for Iraq to sell oil in return for food, according to the Oil for Food.

Played down the Iraqi economic expert Majid picture of the seriousness of the consequences of exit from Chapter VII, and the end of the cover of protecting assets of Iraq, stressing that the Iraqi money was abroad at risk fabricated story to cover other domestic issues.

He said in press statements that the uproar about Iraqi funds abroad after exit from Chapter VII of the artificial cover that is guilty of corruption in the oil-for-food by the staff of the United Nations. ودعا إلى التركيز على مسائل أكثر أهمية، مثل التنمية الاقتصادية الصناعية والزراعية في البلاد. He called for a focus on more important matters, such as economic development, industrial and agricultural in the country.

Quick Fact

Iraq's Central Bank has managed during the past five years to reduce inflation rates from
34% to 3-4 % and stabilize Iraqi Dinar Exchange

Dinar Daddy visits w/ Breitling (Re-Denomination / RV Talk)

Dinar Daddy visits w/ Breitling (Re-Denomination / RV Talk)

you need to listen to this Interview it says it all

Want to thank Roger, for this opportunity, was a great interview.
I also want to thank Rudolph Coenen for his energy and his wisdom he has put into this investment.