Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question follow up: You say it is misinformation but why would Saleh refer to turkey


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You say it is misinformation but why would Saleh refer to turkey and
their currency in his interview? That can’t be misinterpreted

Dear John
sure it can, how many times have we heard maliki say or give a promise
I mean that’s all we have been hearing from Iraq since I got into it three years ago
They say one thing and do something else on a daily bases, you have to understand the mid east mind set they have no problems promising something then waking up in a dif world the very next day .

This is why I am trying to steer people into the right direction, actions , body language, policy
We are watching policy, and following the money which is a complete opposite from the statement on the Dinar being equal to the turkish currency   
Great questions John and thanks again 
God bless, 

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Hi Breitling,

I have been following your chats on DD and I learned a lot from you.  I have diners that in my possession since 2003.  I have a question; maybe you could give me an advice.... Half of my Dinar is in Sweden and half is with me here in NYC.  For tax purposes, in the event it revalues, should I encase the Dinar here in USA?

Thank you in advance..

As an American citizen you should,  and then get a tax Attorney to help you with all your needs, you will be surprised how well a  CPA and or tax Attorney can represent you, please by all means don’t avoid any taxes your going to be blessed and you don’t need to be in the attitude to skimp on taxes when the times comes      

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Amazing to see all the wealth and the companies trying to get into Iraq

It is amazing to see all the wealth and the companies trying to get into Iraq to set up shop, and on the other end we have people saying this investment is fraud, how can it be fraud? I have already doubled my money I have physical Dinar and can trade it in anytime I want, I have gained double my value.    

Doubters need to get off the band wagon, the Dinar is going to revalue and Iraq will be opened to the international community, question is do you have enough foresight to take advantage of this opportunity.     

Iraq Oil record broken

Oil Ministry announced that Iraqi oil revenues for the month of March, a record since 2003 override seven billion dollars.
According to figures published by the ministry on its website, Iraq was 66.9 million barrels of crude oil in March earned him the revenues of 7.167 billion dollars at 107.31 dollars per barrel.
This is the highest monthly revenue that is recorded since 2003.
And return to the previous record in January 6280 where revenues reached billions of dollars.

FYI, from the people I talk to in the Oil business it will take about 5 years to get to full production

You all are sitting on the currency that will represent that wealth