Monday, April 30, 2012

Breitlings Tuesday Comments 5/1/2012

* Breitlings Monday Comments 4/30/2012

Check This Out, Great Offer


As you know I look for the best deals on Dinar the best way to invest on the ISX, and also put every strategy on the table for YOU to decide. Treasury Vault has put together a new promo for my listeners if you contact or order online please mention my name for the outstanding discounts, you will not find a better price from any trader’s period, and this is the discount you want.

One more thing this is done as a courtesy for you guys, I make Zero of the selling of the dinar. I try my best to take care of you all.

Warmest Regards

*1 Mil IQD now is only $1070... NO processing fees... NO wire fees... Receive a 10K, 5k, 1K, 500, 250, and 50 Dinar Note with each and every one (1) Mil ordered! If someone orders 10 or 100 Mil, they will get 10 or 100 additional "Total Package" Promos as described above along with their ordered Dinar.

*On orders over 250K but less than 500K, customers will receive a 250 Dinar note.

*On orders over 500K but less than 1Mil, customers will receive a our "Lower Denom Bundle"... 1K, 500, 250, and a 50 Dinar note.

Please Enter/Select "BREITLING" in Promo Code box provided to receive all the above