Monday, January 30, 2012

Open a Warka Account, How-to, thanks David !!!!!!

Just send them an email to this address: as follows:

 I would like to open a USD and IQD account with Warka Investment Bank. I am attaching a copy of my ID and the required Authorization Letter.
Thank you,
(your name)
Attach the following items to your email: 
A copy either of the following:(drivers license, passport, Government ID)
The authorization form (attached to this email)
They will get back to you with the details of where to send your money by bank wire. (this can change)
They require $150.00 dollars in the US dollar account, and 300,000 dinar in the dinar account.  If you send $430.00 US this should cover it.
Warka will get back to you on every level (including account numbers ) until your account is opened.
Just have a little patience and it will all get done. They are very efficient.
Regards, David Taylor.