Monday, January 30, 2012

You DON’T have to wire through that German bank to get money to Warka

I had listened to your show the other day, ( like I do Every day) and wanted to let you and others know that you DON’T have to wire through that German bank to get money to Warka….you can still wire via CITI and they will get the funds just fine….you can also WITE directly to your IQD account, you do not have to send it into your USD side first.. Wiring to the German bank your caller noted the other day to fund your Warka account will work, but the wire cost will be double from the states since you are wiring to an International bank, instead of CITI Bank.  Actuall you could wire funds to your Warka account via ANY affiliated bank on their website. CITI is still on that list , nothing has changed in that regard. In fact, Warka has never sent an email to any of their older account holders that I know of like myself instructing them to send funds via the German bank instead of CITI….they are sending that info out to new account s as of a few months ago.  My bank continues to send via CITI, I wire directly to the IQD side of my Warka account and it works just fine. When I asked my bank why they thought Warka made the change, they said it was probably done because it is cheaper for Warka fee wise , but CITI Bank works just fine like it always has and is cheaper….hope that helps.