Monday, January 30, 2012


Here are the steps I took.

1. I decided I had the $$ available,  $150. minimum USD, and enough for the minimum IQD deposit plus opening fees. See the Warka Bank website for this information.
2. Got instructions for opening Warka account.
At the time I opened my account they required an emailed request to establish a USD and an IQD account, accompanied by the following attached documentation:
 color copy of valid passport
color copy of valid Driver's License or state issued ID
complete contact information-
       Phone number
       E-mail address
And 3 examples of your signature
all these documents had to be notarized and then certified by the AACC.
Next, send your notarized paperwork off to :
AACC Chamber of Commerce
US Legalization
Attn: Arab Chamber Certification
1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis, MD 21409
with $150.  (their fee at the time, call 410-249-4900 for current fees)( I sent a money order. )
These instructions have changed since I did this.
3. I went to the post office with my birth certificate, driver's license and a utility bill with my name and address on it, applied for my passport, paid the fee(around $150) and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive. The post office said 4-6 weeks, so 3 weeks was great for me.
(While I waited, I got our NV LLC up and running.)
4. When I had all my documents together, I sent Warka the following E-mail,   to    
"I authorize Warka Bank to open a USD and IQD savings accounts, funding will be provided immediately upon receipt of my new account information. Attached are the required copies of  certified documentation

5. In 2 days I received an email with my account numbers, that afternoon I wired $2500. to Warka via the instructions that were included in the e-mail I received with my new account information from Warka. One thing their instructions did not have that my bank required was the swift code for Warka, it is WAIVIQBA.

6. 4 days later, I received notice from warka that my wire had been deposited to my USD account(minus the wire fee) i then sent a request, with a signed authorization attached, for my USD to be transferred into my IQD account, all but the minimum balance the USD account requires.  I sent this request multiple times, and finally sent it through and got results.
Be sure to attach a signed authorization with all your communications, and be prepared to repeat yourself. Be polite and patient. It took 8 weeks of repeated requests for Warka to finally transfer from my USD to my IQD, even after I wired more $$ to my USD account. Why? I do not know, but it is done, and I also now have my ISX number and my user ID and password for E-banking