Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you for the Support: this is what I am looking for, attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!! self reliant!!!!!!!! YOU made me very happy !!!!!!!!!!

Tony you will always have people fearful losing money for the obvious reasons.

However, you have been very great ! strategic in speaking, it seems also in your research, and in how you are communicating. Why I feel so many people are drawn to your blog. I'm very impressed with your calmness and facts. Delivery is always important in speaking.

So great job in bringing awareness and the possibility for others to become responsible for ones choices and ones life.
In many ways you are contributing and making a difference, on a scale that is immeasurable. Thanks so much.

I am completely comfortable with my choice and I keep looking at how it is unfolding AND also what I may not see, that may have it fall through. But I'm enjoying the process and living like it will RV and making plans for the windfall. Whether it happens here or I create it another way it will happen for me.

Thank you,

Please any Questions: send to I will get to your questions as soon as possible by personal e-mail, blog post or audio "If you Knew you could not fail, what would you try today?" Phillippians 4:13