Friday, June 3, 2011

I Do Not Guarantee Dates And Or Rates

I Do Not Guarantee Dates  And Or Rates 

I want to make it very clear and point it out, because I keep getting e-mails people asking me how do I know June is our month for sure. The answer is I don’t know anything
On date or Rate for sure, how many times do I have to say it? Best guess on date and rates only, the answer also is no one knows time of Rv or rate, so if your betting on this to RV in June don’t!!!!!!!, dont do that to your self  Am I looking at June and all that is going on ? am I happy about what is being said and policy moving forward ? yesssssssssss

Do I guarantee a Rv this month? Heck no, and I never will!  People need to listen to exactly what I am saying and have said BEST GUESS ONLY, I got an alarming  e-mail asking me how I can guarantee an RV in June, I had to go over all my information and blogs to try and find were I had said this and I cant find a single word of it, so you all need to chill

If and when June 30 hits it has not Rved we are left with one choice, find the next BEST window and that’s exactly what I plan on doing if that case so rises, I am not a Friday to Monday night predicting BSer with fireworks and a higher rates each week from boots on the ground info that has been wrong for 2 years strait. Also I promise you it has not already Rved and we are just waiting. You will know when it Rv’s   

Please Keep your head on your shoulders It is going to revalue, and sooner or later we will find it and we will be able to cash in. I want to see e-mails people talking about I am prepared if it goes longer then June, and you are your own Guru,!!!! you only listen to you!!!!!

Would make me very happy to get such notice from you guys I am 100% confident in this investment, having said that, I will not, have not promised a rate or date.

Warmest Regards

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