Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kuwait frozen Iraqi funds in Jordan

Kuwait frozen Iraqi funds in Jordan

This day of network news (HNN) - said the Transport Ministry on Friday that Kuwait has to freeze the assets of Iraqi Airways in Jordan because of financial problems is outdated.

The adviser said the ministry Karim Nouri, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "Kuwait has to freeze the assets of the airline Iraqi air due to financial problems and debts with Iraq against the background of the invasion" in the nineties of the last century.

The Iraqi government has replaced the former Iraqi Airways because of differences with the Kuwaiti side, which demands that Iraq pay 1,2 billion dollars due to the 10 aircraft seized and looted Kuwait Airport Kuwait during the Iraqi Army to Kuwaiti territory in August, August 1990.

Nouri said that "Iraq's Transport Ministry will study the subject and approached Kuwait to resolve the issue through dialogue, during the next few days."

This comes as seen diplomatic relations between Iraq and Kuwait, the tension high at the time were raised when the calls Iraq's "close" the Kuwaiti embassy and the "expulsion" of the ambassador from Baghdad to protest the decision by Kuwait to construct the port said by the Iraqis that would lead to the narrow waterway to the Iraqi ports .

Nouri said that "the Ministry of Transport are directed to the technical solutions and legal final with Kuwait without taking any decisions Michjnp could step up positions between the two countries."

The Iraqi government has the financial compensation to Kuwait increased by $ 150 million, but that Kuwait is now demanding one billion and 300 million dollars, claiming that they accrued interest.

The Iraqi Airways was founded in 1937 by the Aeronautical Society of Iraq and now known as Club Firnas air and was used at the beginning of its inception the British planes and Soviet-made.

In the seventies allowed the United States to Iraqi Airways planes using the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York World.

In 2008, the Iraqi government has contracted with Boeing to buy 40 new aircraft from Taraziha the new 737 and 787 Dreamliners with purchase rights for an additional 15 aircraft to be delivered during 2013 and a total value of the contract amounted to 5.5 billion dollars.

As the Iraqi government signed a contract with another company Bompagdi Canadian to buy 10 aircraft CRJ900 medium-sized or regional levels with the right to buy 10 other aircraft in the future.

Has begun delivery of the first aircraft CRJ900 Bompagdi coming from Zurich to the city of Erbil in October 2008

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