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Iraq calls for political blocs to shoulder their responsibilities

Iraq calls for political blocs to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Iraqi blood, even if the opponentsEditor: OK Friday, 27 May 2011 17:42 GMT22355 NewsDetails Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Called the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Friday, the political blocs to shoulder its responsibilities towards Iraqi blood, even if the opponents on the back of the assassination of the Executive Director of the Accountability and Justice Ali al-Lami, stressing the importance of fostering a culture of genuine national reconciliation between the political components to meet the agendas of Foreign Affairs.

A spokesman for the Iraqi List, Haider Mulla said in an interview with "Alsumaria News", "deplores and condemns the existing shed the blood of any Iraqi, even if the adversaries, because we believe that the blood of Iraqis and their funds are protected."

Al Mulla said, "all the political blocs to be aware of the constitutional and legal responsibility to protect Iraqis," adding that "Iraqi political component, but does not believe the language of dialogue to change it within the political Hrakna even with our opposites."

Al Mulla explained "We have always demanded an inventory of weapons, however, the state and not the legitimacy of any weapons outside the framework of the law," stressing "the importance of promoting a culture of genuine national reconciliation between the political components so that we as partners meet the agendas of the occupation and some of the agendas of the region that does not want Iraq better."

Mullah pointed out that "Iraq was still seeking to end the political exclusion of the vocabulary of the political process in Iraq."

He died the Executive Director of the Accountability and Justice Ali al-Lami on Thursday night, after being seriously injured after he was shot from weapons with silencers when he was on the road to Baghdad, Muhammad al-Qasim fast in his car, accompanied by his driver and without convoy protection.

The MP from the National Alliance on Friday, Kamal-Saadi, the spokesman's remarks on behalf of the Iraqi List, Haider Mulla on the killing of the Executive Director of the Accountability and Justice Ali al-Lami is an affront to a large resort, and a blow to the principles of justice and democracy.

A spokesman for the Iraqi List, Haidar al-Mulla, told a news agency today that the death of the Executive Director of Accountability and Justice Ali al-Lami was a reaction to acts of revenge carried out during the last period.

Referred A to be an expert on al-Qaeda, Mullah Nazim Jubouri confirmed today that the assassination of the President of the accountability and justice, Ali al-Lami was in the manner used by al-Qaeda in Iraq, hinting at the existence of the coordination of my knowledge prior between participants in the government and the security details have helped to assassinate him, ruling out the involvement of Shiite groups linked to Iran to the process.

The Ali al-Lami, known as Abu Zainab from influential political figures in the Iraqi political scene and the decisions issued by the appearance before the parliamentary elections in 2010 created a sensation lasted for about ten months, and caused the exclusion of nearly 517 candidates, according to the Commission announced the election, under the decisions of accountability, justice and de-Baathification and the most prominent Here are the current Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and Dhafir al-Ani, former deputy and leader of the Iraqi List, Rasim al-Awadi, who raise their ablation in November of the same year under a deal to form the current government that resulted from the table, Massoud Barzani.

Also included decisions of the accountability and justice, which were issued in February of 2010 a large de 376 officers in the army and police, including 20 high-level commander, in addition to the Director of Military Intelligence, bringing them to the procedures de-Baathification.

The U.S. forces have arrested Ali al-Lami in September 2008 at the Baghdad airport when he returned from Lebanon to Iraq on a false passport, according to the announcement by the coalition forces, and continued detention for a period of about a year until it was released in August 2009.

And U.S. troops accused al-Lami then as a senior in special groups backed by Iran, said that the process involved the bombing of the consultative status of security in Sadr City, the murders affected 450 people in Iraq.

Prior to the mother accused in an exclusive interview with "Alsumaria News" in May of 2010, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, said it is leading a plot to assassinate him and blame on al Qaeda, and that Washington hate him after being able to "thwart" efforts to restore the Baath Party to power in Iraq through the decisions of the whole, calling the Iraqi government opened an investigation into the matter.

The capital Baghdad and a number of other provinces experienced since last March, an escalation of acts of violence which has claimed dozens of lives, including a number of officers and government officials, while living the country's political crisis because of the incomplete formation of the government and the survival of the security ministries vacant until now, despite the Prime Minister's Nuri al-Maliki's security names of candidates to the parliament but the political differences have prevented reaching an agreement about them

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