Saturday, May 28, 2011

Allawi threatens the very position of the political process

Allawi threatens the very position of the political process

 Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi's list seemed very impatient, including the subject of Irbil nine axes agreement which he says has been delaying and stalling by Iraqi politicians partners. Allawi said that Iraq will travel Monday to the political blocs put a time limit to implement the agreement axes Irbil threatened to take a stand and described by profoundly from the political process if the opposite happened.

Iyad Allawi
 Will not continue indefinitely to negotiate but we will put a time limit in the next meeting unless the decision is implemented in its entirety and compatibility with what has been agreed upon in the nine axes fully in letter and spirit of the Iraqi list, it would be an explicit position and the position of great respect in the political process as a whole.

 Allawi, who spoke at a news conference raised a number of Iraqi leaders keen to declare the unit list and its leaders and its members agree on the resolution, which will be made at the next meeting

 Iyad Allawi / leader of the Iraqi List:
 We call our brothers in the Iraqi political blocs that know that this decision is the command menu unanimously, and there is a consensus among Iraqi leaders and deputies of Iraq and the masses of Iraq and therefore there must be a clear results on Monday and respond to the full and complete for all what has been agreed upon. Enough manipulation and enough contempt for the will of the Iraqi people especially after the Iraqi waived for national and constitutional maturity and democratic.

Speaker Osama Nujaifi Download for its part, the statements by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, calling him luck when Bmjanbp confine the role of Parliament legislation laws coming to him from the government and the presidency, denouncing what he described as an attempt to contain the parliament by the executive branch

Osama Nujaifi / Chairman of the House of Representatives:
 Legislation is one of the main tasks of the House of Representatives and I think that Mr. President Awazzra was not successful Parliament on legislation laws begin and end and the executive branch tried to contain parliament, but there is now another mode mode emphasizes respect for the Constitution and the separation of powers and the supreme authority in the country is a parliamentary power.

 Use the leader of the Iraqi List to a single heavy-handed response three times in four minutes during the conference which was attended by top Iraqi leaders except Rafie al-Issawi and Minister of Finance may suggest the existence of directed real within the list to take a position may make the government and the political process at the crossroads of another, especially since the upcoming meeting of the list comes eight days of the deadline percent on.

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