Monday, February 27, 2012

Comments on latest Articles


On the road,

unable to record.

On the articles with the 1000: 1 exchange,   they have put a ton of information out on dif rates 1:1,  500: 1  and so on, this over the years has been the MO

I simply base my opinion on the fact they are going to get rid of the US dollar inside Iraq

Also the idea they are printing currency to come out at today’s rate is not logical in my opinion,  how will that stop the black market from using currency worth more?

To get Iraq going they need to get to speed on a currency with good buying power

Equal to the US dollar, 1 Dinar equals 1 US dollar now Shabbibi and his advisers have talked about this over and over.

Reduce the money supply ( cash) by getting rid of the three zero’s

Add value to the Dinar by getting rid of the three zero’s on the value of the Dinar


so if they come out with another articles tomorrow talking about dif exchange scenarios

it will not change my mind. My best guess at looking at what they are trying to accomplish is a 1:1 exchange an Iraqi 500 Dinar note will be worth $500 USD

They cant let the notes you and I have stay out in the markets to long or what they are trying to do wont work

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