Friday, May 27, 2011

Iraq signed the Convention on the exchange of commercial and agricultural and industrial with Vietnam

Iraq signed the Convention on the exchange of commercial and agricultural and industrial with Vietnam

 Baghdad, May 26 (Rn) - The Iraqi Ministry of Trade Thursday an agreement of trade and agricultural and industrial with the Vietnamese government for the session within 18 agreement on trade exchange between the two countries since 1973.

Trade Minister The trade minister said Khairallah Hassan Babiker at a news conference at the ministry in Baghdad after the completion of talks between the two sides and was attended by the correspondent of news agency Kurdistan (Rn) "It has been agreed on several points with the Vietnamese side in many areas, including the business side, agricultural, industrial, financial, cultural and scientific cooperation between two countries. "

He explained that the "important for the Iraqi market to Vietnam as one of the first countries in the world production of rice, coffee and tea," he said, adding that "the Iraqi side can benefit from the experiences of the Vietnamese side in this area."

He added Babiker, "The Vietnamese side expressed its readiness to support Iraq in the agricultural sectors, commercial and industrial," noting that "support was provided by sending staff to Iraq and we are trying to use this thing in the field of agriculture."

He pointed out that "This agreement is important for both countries to draw a future cooperation between the parties and the Commission was trying to cover all the relationships and overcome all the difficulties," adding that "Iraq is looking forward to more economic cooperation through the entry of Vietnamese companies of the Iraqi market."

For his part, Agriculture Minister Cao Duc Phat Vietnamese during the conference that "the Vietnamese government is ready to support economic and trade relations between the two countries," pointing out that "the Vietnamese government is seeking to open its embassy in Baghdad in the near future."

وراق". The student rolls the Iraqi government Pfsh the way for Vietnamese companies to enter the tenders to develop oil fields, stressing that "Vietnam wants to import crude oil from Iraq and its derivatives, petrochemicals and we are ready to export food to Iraq."

". "The Vietnamese government is looking to develop projects with Iraq, including the expansion project tea as well as cooperation in the field of energy."

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