Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Tony,
Hope this e-mail finds you well, great show Saturday thought I send you this statement by CBI which supports your statement so you can have it at your finger tips...Oz  I know this was mentioned in the past but here it is again pretty direct.

P.S. Always looking forward to your next show thanks so much.

Date: Saturday, 11-02-2012 12: 30 pm
Baghdad (newsletter) ... The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank noted the appearance of Mohamed Saleh that the dinar is covered with hard currency by more than (100%) No fear from fluctuations in currencies of neighbouring countries.
He said Saleh (News Agency news) on Saturday: dinar today is strong, like currency policy of Central Bank controlling liquidity in the domestic market.
He said that the dinar is covered in hard currency and more than (100%) This is a rare case, and has a large cash reserve of foreign currency than about 60 billion dollars held to face difficult circumstances that may occur in the country, what gives strength to the dinar to currency.
Noted: Central Bank policy goal at the moment is the stabilization of the exchange rate of US dollar, dinar, long-term goal is equal to having need of a strong economy and low inflation and a large cash reserve.
He was a member of the Finance Committee and the National Alliance Deputy/Haytham Al-Juburi have outweighed--equal to rate Iraqi dinar US dollar during the next biennium (Definition of BIENNIUM. : a period of two years.)following implementation of the project to delete the three zeros Iraqi currency.
Jaburi said in an earlier statement (newsletter): to go by the Central Bank to maintain the dinar against the dollar during the current indication that monetary policy in the country capable of making dinar equal to the US dollar.