Monday, January 23, 2012

Iraq’s sweep of the Arab Stock Exchange in terms of profit last year despite the conditions of security

Showed statistical publication Arabic site dedicated stock exchange, on Saturday, Iraq’s sweep of the Arab Stock Exchange in terms of profit last year despite the conditions of security Almtkhalkhalh.
Iraq promised, according to statistics, the biggest gainers in the Stock Exchange last year, shares in the profit rate reached about 35%.
The site posted a “numbers” seen by the results of the Gulf “Twilight News” noted that “the Iraq Stock Exchange is the biggest gainers in the stock market in 2011 was an average of 35%, while the share of Qatar Exchange is a small percentage of 3.0%.”
According to the site, the reason for this is “the impact of the political situation of the Arab revolutions impact directly on the Stock Exchange of countries that have taken place where these revolutions.”
It said that “the Iraq Stock Exchange and the arrival rate of 35% cast a lot of question marks and intersects with the impact of the political situation in this country.”
“The Egyptian Stock Exchange lost 50% of the value of the index, the stock lost 8% of Tunisia, and Morocco, the Casablanca Stock Exchange lost 7.2%, and Damascus, Syria stock market lost 5.49%.”
The Stock Exchange Libya has closed on the first working day after the revolution, starting February 17 and no longer work until the end of the year, and thus large losses, according to the “numbers”.
The site noted that “the Stock Exchange Beirut, Lebanon, lost 20% of the value of the index, and left the Saudi bourse this year with minimal losses only 3%, and lost the Kuwait Stock Exchange, 16%, and the Stock Exchange Amman, Jordan lost 16%, and the Abu Dhabi exchange lost 4.12%, and the Stock Exchange Dubai has lost 19%, and the Muscat Stock Exchange lost 16%, and the Bahrain Stock Exchange lost 20%. “
He pointed out that “this means that any investor has invested in companies making up the index in any of the Arab bourses, with the knowledge that it is better as included in the sample index and keep it for a period of 2011 probably would have lost part of their market value.”
Observers believe that the global financial crisis that occurred in late 2008 was the reason for the collapse witnessed by the Arab stock markets and the continued degradation during the years 2009 and 2010 and reasoned that because the exit of investors from the Arab stock markets to settle their positions in international stock markets

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