Monday, August 22, 2011

Take Advantage of this Offer

Take Advantage of this Offer

The TreasuryVault, found at recently introduced a promotion wherein they are temporarily giving away 500 Dinar notes with orders of 250K or larger.  The specifics of that deal don’t really matter because I’ve been able to work a deal for all who follow me who wish to capitalize on it.  I wanted to do something nice for all of you, and here it is if you are in the market, and are planning on acquiring more Dinar.  I suspect with what I know about what they are doing in the future that this may be just the beginning of such cool promotions I’ll be able to get them to do for each of you.

Here are the details of my “Breitling’s Insurance” deal:
·         Minimum Order to Qualify:  250,000 Dinar
·         Discount:  You get a $10 discount when you order and mention ” or type “
Breitling  in the promo code, on the web application
·         Lower Denomination:  One (1) 500 Dinar Note
Here are the instructions you need to follow to ensure you get this deal:
1.       You need to go to to place your order.  It’s pretty straight-forward, but if you get lost, you can always call them at 855-855-8285.

2.       In order to get this deal, when entering your name you need to type the following within the same section you type your last name: (Breitling’s Insurance).  Here’s an example so you don’t get confused:                       
First Name:  John            
Last Name:  Doe (Breitling’s Insurance)

So, just to summarize, I’ve set up a way whereby anyone who reads my stuff and wishes to purchase more Dinar can get all the following:

·         A $10 off discount
·         One (1) 500 Dinar Note
That’s my take!  I’ve set it up to help ensure people can be exposed to the lower denominations, and to help you save a little money if you were already going to purchase Dinar.
Just use my name and it’s all yours.  If you don’t do it the way I instructed above, you won’t be able to get the deal. 
Best wishes,

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