Sunday, June 5, 2011

Economically the State hosts a forum on Iraq within the strategic framework agreement

Economically the State hosts a forum on Iraq within the strategic framework agreement


Opened us, Hillary Clinton, Iraq's business forum in Washington, said, urging American companies to invest in Iraq. The special us Coordinator for us operations in Iraq Ambassador Patricia haslak, "the time has come for a more traditional trade relations with Iraq now, no longer in Iraq (reconstruction), we move on to the next stage under the strategic framework, we are committed to our obligations". Among those pledges to help Iraq's accession to the WTO, which haslak be expected within a few years as Baghdad began to take the necessary steps to achieve this.

The US support Iraqi economy functions in American Government, after the Defense Ministry is leading these efforts through "team work". This step confirms Bush Administration's insistence, Barack Obama, the moving attention to Iraq from military to civilian side. The United States considers that the conclusion of military operations in Iraq and withdraw its troops from the country, opening the way to normalize relations with Baghdad the transition from "reconstruction" to trade and economic cooperation.

Referring to the Working Group of the Ministry of defence, haslak: "they are focusing more on Afghanistan now", explaining: "get all government agencies in these tasks, we consider (economic improvement) is essential to stabilize Iraq, it is essential that the economy is stable and viable growth and provide jobs, and this is what our peoples in the Middle East". "Iraq is heading in that direction and became a model for other countries in the region."

30 met heads of major US corporations, including companies "auxidntl oil" and "fediril askbers" for "being" computers "lock head Martin" military equipment in the US State Department Headquarters. The meeting was attended by a number of Iraqi officials and businessmen, including senior adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, thamir ghadhban, the Chief Iraqi investment, Sami Al-araji.

Haslak considered that the time has come for us firms extensively and effectively to the Iraqi market. She noted that the strategic framework agreement requires the United States to support the Iraqi economy.

The US State Department spokesman, Mark Turner: "while the Iraqi companies entering the market are still facing obstacles, including the difficult security environment, although improving, there are positive developments, such as: high oil revenues and growing internal growth and investments in infrastructure and a stable democratic Government," adding that "all these things indicate that Iraq is a unique opportunity to work with us can benefit."

Private us investment is estimated in Iraq by about 10 billion dollars, mostly from large American companies like Boeing, GE, Exxon Mobil ". However, these investments are slim for opportunities in Iraq. Haslak said that "the energy sector, including electricity, is the most attractive sector, plus US investment banking sector, where companies like (Citibank) interested in Iraq." There are other sectors such as housing the Iraqi Government began by trying to increase investment. Haslak said that "there really opportunities in sectors of communications, transport and Agriculture". And representatives of the ministries of agriculture and US Transport Forum yesterday.

Haslak found that "companies that want to invest in a particular State, particularly in a country like Iraq witnessed war and instability, want to obtain information, but we do not offer services to provide security protection or otherwise". And she added: "we can help by facilitating communication with the appropriate Iraqi authorities and helping to establish partnerships with local companies with linguistic and cultural expertise and knowledge required".


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