Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Central Bank of the process of finalizing the draft raising of three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar

Central Bank of the process of finalizing the draft  raising of  three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar

(finalizing ????? if they are finalizing  that means it has been in process, what policy have I been telling all they are in the process of??? Getting rid of the larger notes and they are telling you they are about to get done with this project they have a draft in place to get rid 100% complete all larger notes and a full inflationary policy tactic. How do we know this for sure ???? they have been at it for a year and half and also they are in a less note more value policy FANTASTIC NEWS COMING OUT   )  

Palm - The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, he is about to finish the project raise three zeroes from the currency, noting that the project is considered strategic, and submitted to the Council of Ministers and legislators if completed.

The central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh during permit media raising project three zeros from the dinar is a strategic project and the Central Bank is in the process of finalizing the project, the idea of ​​theory into practice, and is nearing completion, and submitted to the Council of Ministers and Deputies.

. The benefit that this project will reduce the cost of transactions and reduces the carry cash, he said, adding that Iraq is on the verge of producing million barrels of oil and this will impact on the development and raise the value of the Iraqi dinar.

. The adviser to the Iraqi Central Bank said the bank has achieved three things during the last stage, as the first building reserves from zero to $ 50 billion, within the past five years, reduce the price of the basic inflation from 34% to 4 or 3%, and achieved stability in the Iraqi dinar exchange.

(So no need inflationary policy to may notes will keep Iraq at a low rate to many notes to divide the rate into)

He was adviser to the CBI the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview earlier the bank's readiness to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, pointing out that those zeros that are added to the Iraqi currency during the last period formed a cluster of large cash amounted to 27 trillion Iraqi dinars.

. On the other hand, revealed adviser to the CBI, said Iraq enter for the first time a system of payments between banks has been the transition to electronic clearing away from the hand and entered into by the six banks and the exchange of instruments between banks electronically and will link the smart card and credit system with the Central Bank.

Don’t need to to use the credit card or smart card if they have 27 trillion notes on the market with 3 zero’s lopped off of it

 they want less notes more value and your all seeing it come to reality right in front of you

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