Friday, May 20, 2011

Pres. Barzani meets with UN special envoy to Iraq

Pres. Barzani meets with UN special envoy to Iraq

PUKmedia 2011-05-18 19:19:03

Kurdistan region president Masoud Barzani received on Wednesday UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Iraq Ad Melkert and his companying delegation in his office in Erbil.

The two sides discussed the latest situation in Iraq including ministerial posts, which have remained vacant, and the possibility of establishing Iraqi council for strategic policies.

They also discussed ways to implement article 140 of the Iraqi constitution and United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq’s future role in this process.

They shed light on the possibility of remaining US forces in Iraq after 2011. They also attached importance to the security protection of the separated areas of Kurdistan region.

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