Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bank document reveals large concessions to parliamentarians

A bank document reveals large concessions to parliamentarians? Palm - handled the Iraqi media and a document issued by the Bank of Iraq trade (government) show exchange three loans to members of Parliament at the same time reach a whole to (450) million dinars, and the benefits of not exceeding nine per cent are underfunded, according to the document. And reveal the document addressed to the Department of the parliamentary coverage of both the House and their advisers and general managers in the House of Representatives these loans, because the number of deputies of 325 people, whereas the number of consultants and general managers of 165 people, according to published in the Gazette Iraqi Issue (4145) on the date ( 02.22.2010) to become the total number of loans covered by these 490 people the Iraqi parliament. The document recalls that the first loan allocated to the deputies spend to buy a house or a piece of land worth 200 million dinars, while spending the second loan for the purchase of an armored vehicle into a reference attachment until the repayment of the loan's Qmith 150 million dinars, and a third loan of 100 million dinars, without any guarantee ensure that only one House or those with special grades, and the payment to the end of the electoral cycle. And belong to the second paragraph of the document the first category of Council staff who are advisers and general managers, as allocated to them a loan of $ 100 million, to be repaid over 6 years and to ensure that employees, but if he wanted the employee to make repayment over 10 years, he held the property. In the meantime, said an economist that is noted in the document it is mentioned in one of its clauses that the amount of interest of 9% of the loan amount and the benefits of decreasing, which means the possibility of raising interest altogether, and may exempt them at the end of their course of legislative pay the remainder discharged from the loans, they are demanding identification Service Award tribes have reduced their monthly salaries, he said. The economic expert, who declined to be named, said the volume of loans equal to the budget of the Ministry or the budget of the province, as the total submitted to Parliament, through these loans is (1462) billion dinars, adding that this amount is equivalent to building (5425) House built for through mortgage loans, amounting to (30) million, which gives the most difficult conditions and benefits than provided to members of parliament. Please any Questions: send to www.breitlingcurrency@gmail.com I will get to your questions as soon as possible by personal e-mail, blog post or audio