Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iraq: 6 new laws passed we are moving foward!!!!!

House of Representatives voted at its eighth ordinary session, which was chaired by Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Deputies and the presence of 179 deputies Wednesday to amend the investment law, the liquidation of

crude oil in addition to ending the first reading of the six laws.
At the beginning of the meeting the Council voted on the draft law of the First Amendment on the Law of private investment in crude oil refining No. 64 of 2007, which aims to encourage Iraqi private sector and foreign investment in the activity of the liquidation of crude oil in Iraq by increasing the discount rate given the price of crude oil supplier to the investing company.

The Council ended the first reading of six draft laws are the law of the media and communications, which comes for the purpose of organizing work in the communications media and the preparation controls the main broadcast media and adopted in the granting of licenses for frequency and transmission services and transmission services and wireless communication at the national level and access to network services and connectivity between them and the organization of the frequency spectrum and wireless devices wireless and terminal equipment for telecommunications and the protection of beneficiaries and the information and develop standards for the media.

By the Council last discussed the proposed Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, where focused interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen of Representatives on the need for some clarifications and amendments to the texts of the rules of procedure

She Rep. Abdul-Zahra great that the rules of procedure need to explain some of the items contained therein, while MP Qasim Mohammed Qasim, Deputy Khaled Suleiman to make adjustments contribute to strengthening the legislative role of the Council of Representatives.
 He also called on Najib Abdullah to cancel or modify the article on the number of members of the bloc in the House of Representatives being inconsistent with the spirit of the Constitution and represent the state exclusionary.

. MP Latif Mustafa has urged that the system supports the procedure of the supervisory role.

While MP Salman Jumaili need to include rules of procedure to form a committee of the national balance.
 Postponement of today's meeting half an hour due to lack of quorum 
Report / loyalty Shaker

ěžMehdi Haji / Kurdish coalition blocs

Nahida Daini / coalition, the Iraqi

  The law on ratification of the Framework Agreement on Trade Preferential System among the member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference and the law on ratification of the Statute of the Islamic Union of the telecommunications bill in addition to the accession of the

Republic of Iraq to the Convention of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to Kavhp international terrorism. 
And the law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism, in order to engage in the Convention for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism Act 1999 as an essential tool in the suppression and combating terrorist criminal activities of a national character and international as well as the draft Law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention

for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, which aims to achieve the purposes of the UN Charter and principles concerning the maintenance of international peace and security and promote the good neighborly and friendly relations and cooperation between States in the fight against the suppression of nuclear terrorism and the reduction of the escalation of terrorist acts.

In another matter followed by MP Ahmad al-Massari a statement on behalf of the Iraqi List, where he denounced the terrorist operations of the Organization and continuing in the areas of belt Baghdad, noting that those areas experiencing criminal operations of some gangs dressed in security forces, a claim at the same time the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the Committee Security and Defense Council of Representatives to take security measures, quick and deterrent